Finding Peace & Calm From Within, Tackling Loneliness In Troubled Times

About Me – Ann Farmer AMACCPH

My name is Ann Farmer and I am a fully insured, ACCPH accredited counsellor with many years of experience in helping people of all ages and from all walks of life.

I am at a time in my life where I want to be able to give back and help those in need.

I am a wife and a mum of two grown up daughters.

My family unit is the most important part of my life and bringing two beautiful children into the world was and will always be my biggest achievement. I am blessed to have such a supportive husband and amazing daughters; however, I too have gone through my own personal and very emotional times making periods of my life tough to bear.

Making notes during counselling

Working as a qualified Funeral Director for 30 years, I have seen many people at the lowest point of their lives. The heartache and feeling of loss are a heavy burden for anyone to carry but talking therapy helped them focus on happy times they had shared with their loved ones and the memories made.

After a career change in 2019, I spent time focusing on my next employment journey and whilst I looked at the creative side of my personality, I kept radiating back to professions that involved helping people. 2020 was a turbulent year in many ways so I used the lockdown wisely and studied to become an accredited Counsellor.

The loss of a loved one or friend, the loss of a job, the breakdown of a marriage or relationship, money worries, daily life, and illness are just some of the issues people face daily. Many feel alone and are suffering in silence.

Anxiety, low self-esteem and depression effect many people. Whilst they may have family support, they may find it easier to speak too and share their worries and fears with a professional.

I am here to help you, to listen, to understand and validate your feelings whatever they are. Feelings and thoughts can be consuming whether they are the feelings of self-worth, loss, blame, anger, hurt, loneliness or regret.

I am able to offer you confidential and emotional support in an environment where you feel safe.

To further discuss your therapy needs please head to my Contact Page to get in touch.

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